shutterstock 654410422Hard to believe, but summer is here in the Lowcountry! We have collected a list of free (or mostly free) activities you’ll want to go ahead and put on your calendar now!

birthday party

Don’t want a dozen kids running around your house, decorating the walls with their sticky, chocolatey fingers? Let someone else do the work for your child’s next birthday party.

Hilton Head Island and Bluffton have plenty of options for fun-filled celebrations the kids won’t soon forget. From bounce houses to zip line tours, the sky’s the limit.

Some of these vendors provide food, cake, decorations or even a gift for the birthday child. Some require reservations weeks in advance, and some only offer parties certain times of the year. Make sure to ask questions before scheduling your party.

family actOutdoorsy Adventures for You & Your Kids

Summer may be seen as the outdoor season, but autumn also offers lots of opportunities for outdoor fun. Try some of these fun fall activities for families, and fill your kids’ senses with delight.

Enjoy a color tour. National parks and forests are the places to be in the fall. Contact your nearest National Park, and find out when fall colors will be at their peak and recommended routes for picturesque views.