Kid testingWho doesn’t love the excitement of receiving a gift in the mail? Subscription boxes are just that:  monthly boxes filled with goodies that are delivered right to your doorstep! There are boxes tailored to all different types of interests and age levels! With so many different options available, we had Lowcountry children put some of these subscription boxes to the test, giving us their feedback (don’t worry, Moms added their honest feedback too!).

Green Kids Crafts


Green Kid Crafts 
Tester: Liam, age 6 
Ages offered: 2-4; 5-10, 10+
Price: Starts at $17.95/month
Description: STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and math) activities used to spark the imagination! Their boxes are 100% recycled materials, and Green Kid plants 1 tree for every order!
What Liam thinks: “This kit is very cool!”
What Mom thinks: The Green Kid Crafts box was so exciting to receive! Liam was so excited to do all of the projects! The instructions were easy to follow and everything you needed was right in the box. He was interested in all of the experiments! 



Tester: Hudson, 11 months
Ages offered: 0-2; 3-6; 7-10
Price: Starts at $16.95/month
Description: Bookaroo is a children’s book subscription box, carefully crafted to promote a child’s love for reading! Three options are provided with individually wrapped books; board books, picture books, and chapter books.
What Hudson thinks: (all smiles!)
What Mom thinks: All of the books were so cute! Hudson loves the robot book where you can put the book up to your face and look like a robot!



Tester: Owen, age 10 and Morgan, age 12
Ages offered: 6-10 years old
Price: Starts at $16.95/month
Description: Bitsbox is a subscription box that teaches kids how to code, with each level introducing a new computer science concept. Kids look through the materials, open a computer, and type the app on the Bitsbox website, and can then share their app on any mobile device. Note: A home computer with an internet connection is needed.
What Morgan thinks: I really enjoyed being able to design all kinds of creations, and had no idea coding could be that much fun!
What Mom thinks: The grown-up guide was very helpful! It took some time to figure out where on the website to begin, but once we started it was pretty easy to follow. They soon realized they could create their own changes. For example, if it said to type ‘pink’ to make the balloon pink, they could type ‘red’ to make the balloon red. This would make a great birthday present!

*SPECIAL: Use code PARENTHOODIQ for $20 off any Bitsbox subscription purchase of $50+ 



Raddish boxRaddish Kids
Tester: Isabella, age 4
Ages offered: recommended for 4-14+, with parent assistance/supervision
Price: $24/ month
Description: Raddish is a cooking club and culinary lesson mixed together, with the goal of making family dinner a fun learning experience. Kids can learn new cooking techniques every month and earn a new patch for their apron. Note: No food is included with the boxes.
What Isabella thinks: Chicken doesn’t belong on pizza, but cooking is great! I love my apron!
What Mom thinks: Isabella loved it! It may not have been done exactly has they would have expected. The box opens to find a very cute apron as well as a new kitchen tool with each box. The kid-sized apron was, of course, a huge hit. The recipes are GREAT! The recipe cards come with options for those Picky Eaters and easy tips so that all kids, at any age, can help. The Raddish Box was perfect for the family weekend dinner, our favorite was dessert!


girls canGirls CAN! Crate
Tester: Ella Grace, age 6
Ages offered: recommended for girls 5-10 years
Price: starts at $25.95/ month
Description: Girls CAN! was developed to show girls how awesome they are by designing activities based on female role models. Every month, a new inspiring role model will be introduced, with lots of experiments, games, and fun!
What Ella Grace thinks: I liked it! I’d have to persevere to be a fashion designer!
What Mom thinks: The activities were great, especially the painting! She didn’t really stay engaged in the booklet, but she was on the low range of the spectrum. When talking about perseverance, I had to tell Ella Grace I wasn’t talking about Pennsylvania!



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