traveling with allergiesI am a list-maker. And I double check it, twice. This is both a curse and a blessing when traveling with someone who has a severe allergy. On one hand, my list morphs into many smaller, specific lists—food, toiletries, medicines. On the other hand, having a number-one, top-priority item like epi-pens to pack makes the rest of the items on the list seem unimportant. If we forget something else, it is much easier, and less worrisome, to replace than the epi-pens.

To manage Henry’s nut allergy and the added stress in planning a safe vacation, I have found some helpful strategies for taking—and enjoying—time away from home.

Chimney RockOne of the few negative aspects to becoming a parent can be missing out on your favorite vacation spots from before kids, as those romantic or adventurous getaways are replaced by family trips to the zoo or theme park.

But as the children get a little older, it provides an opportunity to reconnect with your former favorite destinations, albeit with a slightly different itinerary. 

Aerial View over Falls Park on the ReedyEver considered a trip north? So often we think about visiting Asheville, but in order to get there, one must travel through Greenville, a delightful area with some wonderful family-friendly gems.

With a drive of around four hours, this is a manageable drive for a weekend or more!

AshevilleExploring the mountains surrounding Asheville is an immersion of millions of years of natural history. For families that appreciate the natural world, the possibilities are endless. The Asheville area has seen a surge in kid-friendly offerings and businesses over the last year- perfect for downtown exploration or days when it’s too rainy to hit the trails. 

Amelia IslandNo matter your age and the number of generations in your group, the possibilities for bonding on Amelia Island are endless. The great outdoors and unique character of this Florida gem await all ages.