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Gifts Kids Can Make for the Holidays, Birthdays and other occasions

As holidays and birthdays approach, are your kids scrounging to buy gifts they can hardly afford? Offer them these fun ideas for gifts kids can make and give to family and friends.

Tell a story with photos. Create a memory page to add to a friend or relative’s scrapbook. Buy a package of blank scrapbook pages. Then choose a theme such as ‘my best friend,’ ‘sports car shows,’ or ‘when I was little.’ Design each page using stickers, markers, colored pencils, construction paper, photos, magazine pictures, and fun sayings or descriptions that fit your theme.

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How to Identify It and Halt It Dead in Its Tracks

Twelve-year-old Mallory Grossman of Rockaway Township, New Jersey, was a quiet girl, but popular among her close circle of friends. She was a good student and an athlete. She was also the victim of malicious bullying by a group of girls who tormented her at school and via texting and social media. The bully girls even chided in a text, “Why don’t you kill yourself?” Tragically, on June 14, 2017, that’s exactly what happened. Mallory ended her torment by taking her own life.

SportsmanshipWe’ve all seen it—the parent who stands on the sidelines criticizing the decisions made by coaches and officials; the one who yells at his own child when she makes a mistake; the fan that hurls rude remarks to the opposing team; and the parent who always places blame. Some of us have even had the misfortune of witnessing brawls. This is antithetical to teaching kids good sportsmanship.

rollerbladesThere's no doubt, team sports offer an array of benefits to kids and the Lowcountry has many great youth sports leagues. But they aren't for everyone, and by the time kids are 11 or so, they know whether they like team sports or not. Many kids, particularly those who are introverted or shy, lack interest in or struggle with team sports. Their parents often get caught up in an endless battle – with their kids kicking and screaming all the way to every practice and game.

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This is basically an open letter to parents who do not understand or who simply hate video games. I’m definitely not what you picture when you think “gamer.” Contrary to popular belief, not all gamers are greasy creeps covered in Dorito dust who start fights with 12-year-olds on Xbox Live. Some are like me: I’m an athletic college girl with an internship at a media company and a penchant for saving spiders from a looming shoe. Others are comedians, political writers and ambitious journalists — pretty successful, ordinary people.