rollerbladesThere's no doubt, team sports offer an array of benefits to kids and the Lowcountry has many great youth sports leagues. But they aren't for everyone, and by the time kids are 11 or so, they know whether they like team sports or not. Many kids, particularly those who are introverted or shy, lack interest in or struggle with team sports. Their parents often get caught up in an endless battle – with their kids kicking and screaming all the way to every practice and game.

video games
This is basically an open letter to parents who do not understand or who simply hate video games. I’m definitely not what you picture when you think “gamer.” Contrary to popular belief, not all gamers are greasy creeps covered in Dorito dust who start fights with 12-year-olds on Xbox Live. Some are like me: I’m an athletic college girl with an internship at a media company and a penchant for saving spiders from a looming shoe. Others are comedians, political writers and ambitious journalists — pretty successful, ordinary people.

adhd kids“In the course of childhood and adolescence, school experiences play an important role in the development of self-perceptions and can have powerful and long-term effects on a child’s self-esteem,” say experts Batya Elbaum, Ph.D. and Sharon Vaughn, Ph.D. “Individuals with learning disabilities (LD),” they point out, “are especially vulnerable to low self-concept.... and it is clear that students with LD often experience academic challenges that can drain self-esteem.”

Do HomeworkWhen it comes to your child's homework, do you beg, plead, or bribe? Do you threaten consequences? You can make homework easier for both you and your children with some simple tips that honor their natural energy.

Every child has a dominant Energy Type that determines the way they move through life. It affects everything they do—playing, talking, eating, sleeping. And yes, it even shows up in the way they do homework!

Home School2At its best, family life can be compared to a well-oiled machine with a thousand moving parts. At its worst, well … we’ve all been there. Time-consuming extracurriculars, stacks of homework and other everyday responsibilities can make daily life seem more like the perfect storm.

But there is relief in sight — when it comes to homework, at least. Following is a directory of after-school clubs, tutoring programs and online resources that can offer help when you need it most. Costs vary from free to pricey, but many of the below resources offer scholarships, so parents, don’t be afraid to ask!