testing anxietyYour head is pounding, hands are shaking, and perhaps your stomach is in knots… is it the flu???  Nope! I’m going to guess you are about to take a test and you have gone completely blank on the answers and are now freaking out.  Breathe deeply, friends, and read on to find out exactly what is happening to you. 

Know No BoundriesWhat does adventure have to do with success in academics and in life? 

Everything—if you ask Nick Bearden, the owner of Know No Boundaries, a new educational consulting firm on Hilton Head Island. Bearden founded his company in 2013 in Euharlee, Georgia while he was operating a float shop on the Etowah River. He wanted to bring adventure to the educational system and provide meaningful outdoor learning experiences to students. His company was licensed in the Town of Hilton Head Island in 2018. 

latchkey kidsWho are latchkey kids? Millions of children who let themselves in or out of empty houses and supervise themselves for an hour or more each day. With summer about to start, many children will find themselves home in an empty house.

In order to be left alone, children should want to assume the responsibility, should not be afraid to stay alone, and should be able to follow directions.   Make sure they can agree to certain rules like completing their homework and accomplishing chores. Have them participate in the planning process. They should have some ability to solve problems independently.  The simplest thing is to ask a child if he or she wants to stay alone. Most will answer truthfully.

 teamworkA positive sports environment will look different for all groups involved; including the athlete, family, and coach. Player participation and fun increase when all groups influencing the athlete work in harmony. The group cohesion then leads to the establishment of a positive sports environment.
A positive sports environment is a byproduct of the leadership of the team, group, or organization intentionally determining that positive relationships and actions within athletic endeavors have an effect of creating an increased opportunity for lifetime success for the athlete. This process does not happen magically and is often overlooked by coaches and organizational leaders. Only through intentional actions, such as enacting the Educated Coaches Core Values, can the environment be shaped to have such a dramatic impact on the participant.

sports youthAs players throughout the country begin to train and play games in their respective spring sports, three ideas should be front and center for all coaches and parents (and one of them is not winning). These ideas are transformational youth sport truths, and if established on your team or with your group at any level, success as you define it will follow.