tips for highschool juniors

Think college admissions is just for high school seniors?  Think again! There are plenty of things you can do now during your junior year to help prepare you for the college admissions process.

Below is a list of things that juniors can start doing this spring to get them ready! 

money teensAn important aspect of helping kids develop into responsible adults is teaching them the value and rewards of hard work and earning their own money. Through this, they gain self-esteem, come to understand the real value of a dollar and become more thoughtful in the way they spend money. Share the list below with your preteen or teen for a variety of ways kids can make money.

adhdAlbert Einstein was a mathematical genius. He didn’t learn to talk until he was three and it is suggested by some that he struggled with dyscalculia, dysgraphia, dyslexia, and word finding. He won the Nobel Prize for his quantum theory and is most renowned for his theory of relativity. As a humanitarian, he also worked toward justice and peace.


I wish that everything was different. I wish that I was part of something. I wish that anything I said mattered, to anyone. I mean, let’s face it: would anybody even notice if I disappeared tomorrow?

These troubling words come from the Broadway hit “Dear Evan Hansen,” but they sound all too real to many teenagers struggling with mental health issues. The Tony Award-winning musical chronicles a teen’s struggle with debilitating depression and anxiety, and has clearly struck a nerve with its audience: a book based on the production, “Dear Evan Hansen: The Novel,” became an instant best-seller.

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This is basically an open letter to parents who do not understand or who simply hate video games. I’m definitely not what you picture when you think “gamer.” Contrary to popular belief, not all gamers are greasy creeps covered in Dorito dust who start fights with 12-year-olds on Xbox Live. Some are like me: I’m an athletic college girl with an internship at a media company and a penchant for saving spiders from a looming shoe. Others are comedians, political writers and ambitious journalists — pretty successful, ordinary people.

But parents often are right about one thing: Video games do often include some explicit content; that’s part of what makes them fun, if I’m being completely honest. And parents usually have concerns about how this may negatively affect their children.