teen jobsSet Your Teen Up for Success with these Suggestions

Getting a first job can be an intimidating experience for a teen and his or her parent (who may be helping in the process). It can be positive if it goes smoothly, building self-esteem and independence through success. Sometimes, the job can seem more like an ordeal, but even that teaches valuable life lessons. Whether it’s a summer spent petsitting the neighbor’s dog or a future career path in sales, teen jobs are a valuable way to teach a young person responsibility. Here are a few strategies to help get started.

teens readingIt’s one thing when you find a great book that you love, but another to find out there are more just like it. That’s why we enjoy reading books in a series – it’s exciting to follow a beloved character throughout a difficult journey or when they solve a great mystery.

With the Beaufort County Library’s Summer @ Your Library program launching soon, now is a great time to explore new books. There’s a little something for every reader out there - contemporary, science fiction, and fantasy. I recommend these books for teens ages 12 – 18:

vapingSarah answered the question quickly and emphatically: “No, I don’t vape, and I don’t plan to start. I see too many kids in my high school who are addicted to JUULs. They vape any way they can — in the bathroom, outside, even in class, when they hide the device up their sleeve.”

Graduation giftsWe spoke to local graduates of University of South Carolina Beaufort to share their favorite graduation gifts.

When I graduated from high school, I know I was given all sorts of gifts. Some I remember, and many I do not. The one item that stands out for me was the Leatherman someone gave me so I had it when I went to college. I remember thinking it was a very odd gift. It turned out to be one of the best items anyone ever gave me.  Virtually no one on the college residence hall floor with whom I lived had a screwdriver. It came in handy ALL the time.

It’s graduation time! Our local University graduates students on Friday, May 2, and our high schools will follow suit at the end of the month! Here are some awesome ideas for low- and high-cost, and, more importantly, some high-emotional-impact gifts that local students received before matriculating at college.

volunteerIs your teen looking for a place to complete some community service hours?  Opportunities abound for volunteering in the Lowcountry. We have compiled a list of options in Beaufort, Bluffton, and Hilton Head. Note: Many of these links send you to a form or application. Please read the instructions for each.