IMG 0261The PIQ  team recently visited the University of South Carolina-Beaufort's brand new campus on Hilton Head Island, and we were blown away by the innovation and scale of the programs our regional university has to offer. The state-of-the-art campus is a collaboration between the town of Hilton Head and the USCB hospitality management program. 

The Hilton Head Island campus houses the hospitality management degree program and is designed to be a working event and conference center. It features high-tech classrooms, a beverage lab and a demonstration kitchen. Students pursuing a bachelor's degree in hospitality management take clases here. Dr. Charles Calvert is dean of the Hilton Head Island campus.

shutterstock 1525420685There is an increased risk of having an accident if you’re a teen, often due to a lack of driving experience or being distracted by a mobile phone. Nevertheless, a breakdown as a result of an accident (or just because the vehicle is less reliable) can cause problems when stuck on the side of the road for an extended period of time. 

Here are a few ways on how teens can prepare for a potential breakdown ahead of time. 

shutterstock 457510924Along with a small bit of cool in the air, Halloween is rapidly approaching in the Lowcountry. Many parents are getting their children ready with trips to the store for a costume and plans for trick-or-treating. But what do you do when your child decides (s)he is too old to go door to door? Don’t fear the transition. Halloween with teens isn’t boring, it’s different. Like many experiences that change as children get older, Halloween night can be just as fun as when they were little

college admissionsEarly Decision…Early Action…Restrictive Early Action…Oh My!

It’s that time of year when students are considering whether they should apply to a school for “early decision”. When our clients begin their applications for college, they often ask whether or not they should apply for early decision and whether it will increase their chances of acceptance.  In order to make that choice we need to be sure our clients fully understand the term “early decision” and precisely what it means. Then, we can offer some advice as to whether it’s the best way to proceed when applying to college.

Let’s start with the definitions of what is available by submitting your application to a college earlier than the regular deadline.

NNVCYVVPOBCHBPNBD2SYTPPA6MNo one can disagree: distracted driving is a bad deal. That said, how many of us engage in it in some way daily? Heck, even having children in the car with me can sometimes put me in a distracted mindset. Add in an electronic device and we are all in an entirely different category.  The temptation! The catalyst for 294,882 thoughts! But what if we all took some time before we began our drive to get settled and prepared?