wrestlingLowcountry fans are flocking to a new sport: Wrestling. New teams and tournaments are cropping up each season as more students become interested in the activity.

Many parents, however, are finding it challenging to understand the sport’s rules and scoring, and often struggle to know how to help their child and the team. Having a beginner’s knowledge of wrestling can help relieve anxiety associated with a new sport and help both parents and children follow along with the ups and downs of a match.


Most parents know giving kids candy or cake can lead to wild behavior. We’ve seen the sugar rush and crash first-hand. But what about “healthy” sugars? And what about refined carbohydrates? Even though parents try to feed their kids a healthy diet, excessive amounts of sugar exists in many foods that we don’t immediately associate with sweets.

Show LoveA heart a day…

Add a shaped candy to your child’s lunch box every day of the school year. Be sure to stock up during after-Valentine’s Day clearances so you don’t run out.

Heart shaped lunch

Use a large, heart shaped cookie cutter to make heart-shaped sandwiches, toast, and other treats. Your kids will love the shape and that you’ve eliminated the crust.

Educational Activities2

Limiting the time kids spend on the computer in this digital era is a daunting task. But there are plenty of fun educational websites kids will love that make learning a blast. Share these great sites with your kids.

Educational ActivitiesDoes it seem like every time you turn around your home has been taken apart by your little explorer? Don’t despair. It may simply result from an extraordinary desire to learn. Who knows, your child just may be a future scientist, inventor, or leader in the making. So try these fun educational activities to satisfy your child’s inquisitive mind.