Who said going outdoors can’t be educational? Science and nature go hand in hand, which is a great excuse to get some outdoor time in! For parents of curious children, a butterfly garden is a great project that can be completed as a fun weekend activity, a homeschooling project, or a way to keep busy during quarantine.

With more kids at home than ever before, parents are constantly looking for ways to get the kids out of the house and involved in outdoor activities before the boredom sets in. A butterfly garden is the perfect way to get out of the house while staying in your own backyard. It’s educational, engaging, and a great way for your child to not only learn science, but also life skills through gardening, responsibility, and teamwork.

Not only will gardening benefit your child, it will also help spruce up your landscaping! Landscaping together is a great family activity, since it includes lots of teamwork. Working in the garden involves learning as well, as specific plants are better for certain environments and certain pollinators.

By creating a butterfly garden, your child will engage with the science behind both gardening and insects. Setting up a butterfly garden is the most essential part of the process, but after the setup there are many other ways for the kids to get involved!

Butterfly Observation Sheet
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A butterfly observation sheet is a great way for your child to begin identifying what butterflies are in your garden. Children can work on their observational skills and begin coloring pictures of the butterflies they see in your garden, as well as if they see any caterpillars. You can work together as a family to determine the type of butterflies in your garden. This activity is also a great way to teach your younger children about research when it comes to determining the types of butterflies in your garden.

Weekly Journal
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A weekly journal is a great tool for the kids to keep track of their garden. The kids can keep track of the growth of their plants, which plants they have watered, and their garden goals all in one place. You can also add your garden to-do’s to the sheet. The journal is perfect for hanging on the fridge for the whole family to see! Having a daily task, such as keeping up with a journal, will give your child something to look forward to each day and teach them responsibility from a young age.

A butterfly garden is the perfect way to spend your time at home, especially with children who love the outdoors. All ages are sure to enjoy the garden and everyone is guaranteed to learn something new—whether it’s about teamwork, responsibility, or butterflies!


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