lowcountry girl scoutBeing a Girl Scout Leader has been the most rewarding role I have held outside of “Mom”. I just sort of fell into it--it was never my aspiration. I never thought I’d have the time or would know enough about the program to do it on my own. My youngest daughter started as a daisy in kindergarten. That is the typical age to get involved. 

kindergartenBeginning kindergarten can be an intimidating time for children and parents alike. As a parent of young children, I can relate to the fear of putting your child in a new situation or environment and wondering whether or not they will be happy and successful. Being a kindergarten teacher, I can give you a few tips in preparing your child for kindergarten, so that they can be successful, and therefore, HAPPY, which is all that really matters! 

Summer slideYou’ve heard it from your child’s teacher probably a hundred times: “Don’t forget to read over the summer!” and in your head, you go “Yeah, yeah, we’ll get right on that,” right? 

We’ve all been there, I know, but here’s the real scoop…

The lower the grade, the greater the risk your kid has of their reading regressing. In first grade, I’ve seen a child fall back as many as 6 reading levels. SIX! Teachers dread beginning of the year reading assessments. It’s so disheartening to see kids move back levels after we worked so hard to get them where they end the year. 

Mitchelville beachOne of my favorite things is finding places to learn that are outside of the classroom. When it comes to teaching, my motto is “Make it Your Classroom.”  As one of your child’s most important teachers, your classroom can be anywhere, from driving in the car to the store, to hiking Pickney Island. When driving over one of our many bridges just simply ask the question, “Is it low or high tide?” This one question can spark your child’s interest and lead to an animated educational discussion in your car.  You have the power to make any space your classroom this summer!

kids sportsYoung athletes love to participate in activities that are fun, that allow them to showcase their skills and abilities, and where skill improvement is taught by caring and informed coaches. Unfortunately, the young athletes do not make the decision regarding who will provide them with the background for future successes on the field and in life.

Parents, coaches, sports organizations, and influential parent friends all play a significant role in sport selection and how sports education will proceed. How can youth sport participants navigate this system of development where getting a knowledgeable, energized, and proficient teacher as a coach and a supportive parental group is a Game of Luck?