beginning to readBeginning to read is one of the most exciting times in your child’s development! As a kindergarten teacher, I love getting to experience the joy and excitement that this milestone brings to they grow as readers.

Kids birthdayTo throw or not to throw? It’s the birthday party tradition you either love or hate. Normally, I love to throw a good party for adults. Wine. Hors d’oeuvres. You’re all set. But birthday party planning for kids adds an entirely different layer of pressure.  For me, this is the part that can take the fun right out of the party. It is easy to get carried away, and what I have learned over the past few years of party planning is that simpler is better.

back to schoolsafetyHey Kids! It’s time to head back to school, see old friends and meet some new ones!

How are you going to get to school? 

balancing summer activitesA Lowcountry summer arrives early and fast. Making sure we have plenty of activities to keep our little ones occupied and ourselves sane becomes a top priority.

The days become less-structured when school is out, and I am reminded of “those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer.” Nat King Cole’s song captures the essence of summer, but what happens to that slower pace?

shutterstock 345913037When our children are babies, we are so in tune with their milestones. When are they supposed to sit up? When should they walk? After they finish becoming mobile, potty-training and learning to talk, the milestones seem fewer and farther between. Somehow, we lose track of when they should learn independent living skills as they get older. However, to move your child forward toward being a capable adult, the work never ends. Here are some skills that might not get checked at the doctor's office, but are just as important.