Flu seasonThis one time In November, maybe about 3 years ago, I missed something like 15 days of work. That’s ¾ of the work month. My girls were in daycare, and my husband and I juggled full-time jobs, trading on and off who was home with the sickies--my job was way more sympathetic than his, but I hate to think of how many days I would have missed if I were a single parent. I thought we were well-rid of that time, but October of 2019 was a repeat, mostly for me, the mama.

Moving EasyBoxes. Tape. Bubble wrap. Even with all of the necessary supplies, moving is probably ranked within the top five least enjoyable experiences for most people. It becomes even less enjoyable when the time frame to move is shortened. Our recent move—from beginning to end—began in March and ended in May. We had two months to “pack or pitch” our belongings as we began the process. 

only childWe get the usual questions: Is he your only one? Do you want more? Most people we meet ask us if we are “done”—which leads to a conversation about why we have only one child. This conversation never seems to develop for people who have two or more children since that tends to be the norm in society.

Truthfully, we didn’t plan on any certain number. I think this is why we have always been content with one.  Our family routine grew around Henry, and we became comfortable and happy in that routine. For those who struggle with infertility, however, the awkwardness of the “one and done” questions are hurtful.

And then I think of the traits that are often ascribed to only children: selfish, spoiled, socially awkward, bossy.  Sometimes, I think these “only-child” traits are so ingrained in society that people overlook the positives that come with raising an only child. 

busy momA life of complete calm and organization is a myth. For most, the daily chaos of life becomes routine and manageable. But when does busy become too busy? And when does too busy start affecting your overall health? To help you assess if you are overextending yourself, the health experts at Envolve, an integrated healthcare solutions company, have put together five health risks of being too busy and what you can do to avoid succumbing to the side-effects.

bonus momThirteen years ago I met a bubbly five-year-old girl with long pigtails that bounced when she walked. She loved her daddy, and I did too. Three years later, on a perfect October evening, she became my bonus daughter. Now she is a beautiful young woman who is beginning to navigate the complicated world of adulthood.   

It has been a beautiful journey and privilege getting to be a mom figure in the life of another woman’s child, but a journey nonetheless. Three non-negotiables have kept me anchored along the way: