shineOur lives are fast-paced and hectic. It’s hard to slow down because we don’t want to get behind.  But, this puts physical stress on our bodies and can lead to complicated health problems down the road.  Instead of overwhelming yourself with all you need to change, try simplifying one thing at a time. Small steps add up over time and the better you start to feel, the easier it is to let stuff go!  Here are 5 areas where subtle changes will make a huge impact. Bonus: Most will cost you nothing!

SunscreenHello Spring!!! And in the south, that means Hello Sun!!! It is time to get outdoors, smell the flowers (or look at the pollen) and, most importantly, run and chase your kids in what feels like the best weather of the year. Even though the weather is just about perfect in spring, it is important to protect our family’s skin by using appropriate tools like sunscreen and protective clothing to shield the sun’s rays.  In the age of trying to put only healthy products inside and outside of our body, it is a time when we find ourselves questioning the safety of just about everything.

OutsourcingOutsourcing is normally a word used in business to describe giving projects deemed “low-hanging fruit” to an outside company. This is also what some people mean when they say they need to clone themselves to get everything done around the house — don’t get me wrong, I’ve met people who say they love cleaning or cooking every single night, but sometimes you just need some extra hands for your own sanity. I work full time and I’m also a mother and a business owner, so I embrace all the help I can get with some outsourcing options. Here are a few sources to save you time and a few that can save you money.

picky eater

The Chef and owner of Downtown Catering Company in Bluffton, Leah McCarthy, never thought she would raise a picky eater. In fact, when she had her oldest child, Aiden, she was excited to expose him to the world of gourmet food and anxious to teach him healthy eating habits. She concentrated on making sure he was getting the allotted amount of fruits and vegetables and exposing him to a diverse array of foods. She found that her focus actually caused the approach to backfire. “Kids that age want to be in control because they are testing life at that point. If you ask them to eat this or that, chances are, they will say,’no.’ The more pressure I put on it, the worse it got.”

Work Out or Play Time?

Last week we discussed several ways to get fit while tending to or playing with your children! Here are a few more fun options!

Away from the bathroom and into the hallway (or office)!