shutterstock 560937262How did you ever find that enjoying the company of those that are dearest to you became such work? It can be difficult to be a part of a family holiday if your children are under a mature age. All those probiotics for babies , screaming children, wet nappies, and so much more - it can really get draining! Fortunately, we’re here to tell you that it needn’t all be doom and gloom. 

Lowering one’s expectations

This should be rule number one. Don’t expect some sort of utopia to be in your head. Expect that there will be some moderately good experiences, and you’ll be in for a treat. We’re not telling you to be a pessimist, but by lowering your expectations, you’ll be in a better state of mind if things go wrong.


It’s not a fairytale

If you think about it, not every moment needs to be completely magical. You can actually have a great time without needing to do incredible things. Think about the simple things and how they can be pleasant like small domestic tasks such as shopping at your nearby local market. There are all sorts of pleasures to be had in the mundane aspects of your holiday.


Don’t feel the fear of being bored

One of the greatest fears, when you’re on holiday with the little ones, is that you will get bored. Not only your boredom but don’t fear your children’s either, even if the shortcomings of the holiday will be constantly moaned by your young children. This fear of boredom can really get you down, but the best thing is to ignore this fear and instead think positively about what you can do to make things better. This will help you prevent fatigue.



Families love to regress

Every holiday will prove how much adults start behaving like kids and reverting 20 years back in time. Suddenly your son, who’s now a successful university student suddenly, mutates right back to the age of a small child - it’s like you adopt a child for the holidays! It’s important that you don’t let your emotions get the better of you at the hardest of times. If you do this, child holidays should be a breeze for you.


Teenage life

You may have heard the old saying; you are only as happy as your most miserable child. The fact of the matter is, nothing can be more of a downer than a hormonal team with some pretty unrealistic expectations of what constitutes a good holiday.  You should expect teens to be very reasonable at your peril. Going with this attitude and you can navigate your way around the angst of teenage life. It will not get in your way of a good holiday!


Don’t make comparisons

There’s no point in comparing your family to another when thinking about first choice holidays free child places. Even if other families are off to the Bahamas with brilliant expectations and prospects. Measuring things up creates anxiety, so let these things go and be in the moment.


Child holidays needn’t be draining

We hope to have shown you that just because you’re going on holiday with your children, you don’t need to suffer as a result. This is not a time to be thinking, “what holidays affect my child support?” Your holidays should be a time for fun, and you should feel relaxed. All the best!



 Evelyn Harper is a copywriter from Des Moines, Iowa. She has been writing for over 15 years on everything from holidays to music for various websites and blogs.