Uniform outgrownOne of the unique things about living through a Lowcountry winter is that you can’t “put up” your short-sleeved shirts and your shorts.  You leave out every length and weight layer possible since we can go through all four seasons in a day.

All of the public schools and most of the private schools in our area require their students to be in uniform, so those make up a good chunk of most children’s wardrobes. The morning inevitably comes where you go to put a polo or khakis on your child only to discover they no longer fit.

It’s the baby of the family, so what do you do?   Maybe you are moving or graduating or switching schools…at some point you find yourself asking the question: “What do I do with these uniforms we’ve outgrown?”

For logoed shirts/hoodies – return them to that particular school’s front office.   If it’s awkward, have a friend do it. You can always check with a family with kids younger than yours as well.   Hoodies, in particular, are in high demand and would be extremely well received! This ensures those clothes are worn until they no longer can be. 

For plain polo shirts and khaki/navy/black bottoms – return to your school, or to any public schools! They will take these clothes in good condition even if you’re not a student there. Stop by the front office to ask. Hilton Head Island Middle School has a collection bin for Stingray Support Circle; it is an easy place to take items and the Support Circle volunteers will sort by size.

Now your closet is ready to roll for the last minute August shopping spree, and who knows?  You may even shop at the pre-loved store for your school and save a bundle thanks to friends who donated. It’s a win-win for all! 

Alicia Daly is the lead parent of the New Parent Admissions group at Hilton Head Prep. She is the mother of two boys and owns Frozen Moo Ice Cream Shop in Coligny Plaza.