hypnobirthingEvery day, more women are stepping away from the cultural belief that childbirth has to be a painful and scary event. They are choosing to educate themselves and create a birth team and environment for the birth they desire. Media, TV shows, and even our social circles try and convince us that childbirth is the most painful and excruciating event a women will go through and that we should be scared of it, rather than teaching women that it’s a natural physiological experience that can be magical, fulfilling, and satisfying.  


HypnoBirthing is a unique childbirth education program that teaches self-hypnosis techniques, relaxation practices and breathing techniques that allow women to have the easiest, safest and dare I say, most pain-free births possible. HypnoBirthing educates us on how our bodies work for us during pregnancy, labor and birth, as well as more practical aspects like who to have at your birth, who you can choose as a caregiver, and where you can have your birth.

I began teaching HypnoBirthing in 2018 after I used this method for the birth of my son. I had an extremely fulfilling natural birth with my son at a birth center in San Diego, CA. Both my husband and I agreed that the education provided in HypnoBirthing was invaluable. My husband learned how he could support me both physically and emotionally during labor, as well as how he could advocate for me with our care-provider. It’s essential that both mother and birth companion are aligned on their birth preferences, know what to expect during labor and know how to handle different situations that can come up during childbirth. My goal as a HypnoBirthing Educator is to empower women and their birth companions to have as many tools as possible for a safe, peaceful, and fulfilling birth.

The cornerstone of the HypnoBirthing Program is the self-hypnosis techniques that allow us to reprogram our subconscious so that we trust our bodies during the childbirth process and remove any fear. When we remove fear from the equation, our bodies naturally relax and move through the physiological changes that are necessary for birth. When fear is present our bodies go into fight or flight mode and tense up, which is a disadvantage to the natural laboring process - everything moves more slowly. Even during situations with special circumstances or emergencies requiring medical intervention staying as relaxed as possible is beneficial for both mother and baby.

HypnoBirthing emphasizes the role of the birth companion and provides him or her with tools to give emotional and physical support to the mother, as well as tools to advocate for both mother and baby. The mother and birth companion are taught hip presses and various positions for physical comfort, as well as verbal affirmations, visualization reminders, and self-hypnosis to enter deep states of relaxation. They are also given an opportunity to role-play different scenarios that may come up and are given suggestions on how they can advocate for the mother in a gracious, honest, and confident way.

Mothers all over the world are turning to HypnoBirthing as their preferred method of childbirth education. Lowcountry resident, Allison Singer, used the HypnoBirthing method while she was living in Mexico City and experienced some profound results. Here is Allison’s experience with HypnoBirthing:

“HypnoBirthing helped me to prepare for my second birth through the relaxation

practices, like meditation and breathing exercises. My first birth was an unmedicated

home birth that went fine but I remembered the intenseness of it and felt anxiety about

my next natural birth. Hypnobirthing gave me and my husband space to discuss and

explore these fears within a group and reaffirmed my belief in natural, sacred birth and

gave me the confidence to pursue what we felt was the right kind of birth for us and

our baby. Having had about an eight hour labor for my first birth my doctor expected

the second to be about half that, around four or five hours. However, it was only about

an hour and a half with only two breaths to breathe (not push) my baby out. I am

convinced the visioning and breathing techniques of HypnoBirthing helped me to relax

and achieve such a quick and easy birth.”

Whether you plan to have an unmedicated natural birth, or if you’re planning for an epidural or a scheduled cesarean birth, learning relaxation techniques will benefit your experience, recovery, and provide empowering education. HypnoBirthing is an inclusive program for all families.

Group HypnoBirthing classes will be starting in Spring/Summer of 2019 with Susannah Winters.

Susannah Winters is a Certified HypnoBirthing Educator. She lives in Hilton Head. Find out more at www.lowcountryhypnobirthing.com