Pumping at workThose of us who have breastfed and/or pumped milk for our children will tell you it’s one of the things in life to which we have been most committed. We asked Brittney Emerson, CBE, MSP, CLC, owner of The Buzz About Birth, to write about pumping at work. Here are her expert suggestions. 

prenatal chiropractorHave you ever wondered why an expecting mother would go see a chiropractor during her pregnancy? How would they accommodate her pregnant belly? Is it safe? And what exactly are they going to do?

Pregnant women are the reason I fell in love with the chiropractic profession. As a former office manager in a chiropractic office, it was impossible not to notice how pregnant women under chiropractic care drastically improved their quality of life. They were more comfortable, slept better and commonly reported faster and easier births. It seemed like these women approached their pregnancies with greater ease and confidence as they continued under care. I started to understand pregnancy and birth as a normal physiological process in which a woman’s body is designed to partake. Even if I had not gone on to become a chiropractor myself, I am certain my experience as an office manager would have led me to seek chiropractic care during my pregnancy with my daughter. 

Doula Reading ListLearning that you’re pregnant can be overwhelming. The amount of information that you receive as a new mama can be even more overwhelming. Information will be coming at you from all directions; your weekly baby app updates, the unsolicited advice you receive from friends, family and sometimes strangers, and the posts you see on local mommy facebook groups. It can be mind-boggling and can make the most laid back mama anxious!

As a birth doula,childbirth educator, and mom I always recommend the same three books for mamas to be and one for the birth partner. These three books plus the advice and guidance from a trusted care provider and support from a handful of objective and loving mama friends will give you everything you need. Women have been birthing and raising children long before we had access to weekly illustrations of what size fruit our baby would be, so if you feel like you’ve got information overload ditch the social media and stick with these books.

PregnancyjpgThere are few events in life that rival the significance of bringing a new person into the world.  It’s a highlight of many women’s lives! It is so important that you’ll do anything to nurture and to protect your baby.  And of course, we want to do everything we can to help ensure a healthy pregnancy and a wonderful beginning to our children’s lives.  

prenatal yogaPregnancy is a beautiful time in a woman’s life. There are a lot of physical and mental changes that take place in our bodies during this time to prepare us for the journey of motherhood. It is very important (now more than ever) to take time, to honor and take care of our bodies and minds.
This is where prenatal yoga comes in and it is important to start as early as possible, just as if you were participating in a marathon. Preparation is key for success! The classes should focus on breathing and relaxation techniques to assist with labor and then postpartum stressors