shutterstock 396684625After the big question, “Is it a boy or a girl?”, comes the even bigger question: “What will you name the baby?” This may single-handedly be the biggest stressor leading up to the arrival of your bundle of joy. After all, our name is our identity, and we as parents have the important job of selecting just the right one.  

Most parents worry about the lasting impression of the name they choose. Some cope with stress from family and friends who have their own opinions about the baby’s name. The seemingly limitless number of names can be overwhelming, too. So, how do you make the final selection? 

Geneva Baxley with new momsWhile breastfeeding can be a source of great joy, getting off to a good start can be stressful.  Understanding how to maximize your first 48 hours together will give you the confidence you need to relax and enjoy breastfeeding your baby.

shutterstock 200277029When I tell people I teach Lamaze classes they always get this smirk on their faces.  Like, oh that fluff stuff they did in the 60’s. They say things like, “Oh that breathing stuff”, or “I think my Mother took that”. 

While people’s perception of Lamaze hasn’t changed in 30 years, Lamaze sure has!  I first learned of Lamaze after I had my first child. I didn’t have a bad experience necessarily, but I didn’t have an empowering experience either.  I stuck through it with no medication mostly out of fear and lack of support. A few years later, I came across a small book at a used bookstore called Thank you Dr. Lamaze, written by Marjorie Karmel.  It said painless childbirth in bold letters on the front.  While I wasn’t really sure about the painless part, I was intrigued and purchased it.  

Pumping at workThose of us who have breastfed and/or pumped milk for our children will tell you it’s one of the things in life to which we have been most committed. We asked Brittney Emerson, CBE, MSP, CLC, owner of The Buzz About Birth, to write about pumping at work. Here are her expert suggestions. 

prenatal chiropractorHave you ever wondered why an expecting mother would go see a chiropractor during her pregnancy? How would they accommodate her pregnant belly? Is it safe? And what exactly are they going to do?

Pregnant women are the reason I fell in love with the chiropractic profession. As a former office manager in a chiropractic office, it was impossible not to notice how pregnant women under chiropractic care drastically improved their quality of life. They were more comfortable, slept better and commonly reported faster and easier births. It seemed like these women approached their pregnancies with greater ease and confidence as they continued under care. I started to understand pregnancy and birth as a normal physiological process in which a woman’s body is designed to partake. Even if I had not gone on to become a chiropractor myself, I am certain my experience as an office manager would have led me to seek chiropractic care during my pregnancy with my daughter.